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3rd February 2021.

“ There is a major difference between speaking of staying intact and closer with the same closure and growing insecurities just with a little bit of distance. I wish people and also I would’ve taken friendship as it defines itself. Today, we are naming certain people best…

❝ Life convinced me that the person you love is made to be sacrificed. Its not the requirement that everytime you will get what you want and even at the right time. You know what I recommend people who are stuck due to someone who’s worthy should patiently stay. I mention worthy as they are the ones needed to be waited for. People, my friends went through heavy and stupid breakups and also got over them like no flaw had ever stopped them. There are nothing called couple goals as every story turns out to be beautiful, unique and wanting to be heard by you, you who are now stuck crawling over that same person who attacked your esteem and etiquette. Get over dear, wait for a silver lining. ❞

Maybe yes, things didn’t work out the way we thought. We messed up things, sorted some. We made bad terms on that last cup of espresso.

But, can’t disagree on the fact that you made me believe love when love was everything fading away from my life.

It's awful, really awful, isn't it ? Awful to think so graciously about someone, thinking about their reaction, reading their minds to know their outcome and being a bit humane.

In the end, it's worthless to be exemplarily under the skin of rare flesh for someone who wants you to be profitable in their own way.

❝ You just can’t afford to let go of someone if you start meeting better people. Sorry, but there’s nothing called better. Your second human might have good looks, good qualifications, and a pretty good approach to life but you can’t drop your present human due to comparisons. I mean this. ❞

Step 1: You will be provided with some literature or piece like the example given below.

Elinor saw, with great uneasiness the low spirits of her friend. His visit afforded her but a very partial satisfaction, while his own enjoyment in it appeared so imperfect. It was evident that he…

❝ underneath the skies
in the sands of time
a moment would come
where i and you would be facing
each other’s light

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How much the loss of Humanity to each will be?

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In a 2015 TED talk video, the 64-year-old, Bill Gates said that “We have invested highly in nuclear deterrents, but we have invested very little in a system to stop an epidemic.” He also goes on to add- “ We are not ready for the next epidemic.” Here we are…

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Life has been so generous to us to let us choose our soulmates, to let us plan our goals with our gangs, to let us be free and choose things ourselves for every particular aspect. It truly just gives you one chance to play the same blame game. Whatever you…

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